Peak-time demand changing home vehicle charging station

ConEdison-Landis-gyr-plug-in-vehicle-charging-stationUS utility Con Edison has commissioned energy solutions giant Landis+Gyr for a pilot project involving plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations in residential homes.

Under the programme, Con Edison, which supplies energy services to New York City and Westchester County in New York State, has installed Landis+Gyr’s L510 load control switches at 50 single-family homes.

The utility is testing sub-metering technologies and is studying how the customers respond to requests that they charge their vehicles at certain times of the day when demand for electricity is low.

Built-in metrology

In addition to providing remote control of high-consumption appliances, the L510 uses built-in metrology to compute and report energy usage, which Landis+Gyr says makes it a good fit for applications such as monitoring and controlling charging stations.

Con Edison will issue a report evaluating the accuracy and usefulness of the metering technology and make a proposal for next steps by March 31, 2015.

Commenting on the pilot project, John Shipman, department manager, Demand Management and Customer Engagement, at Con Edison, said: “As electric vehicles become more popular in New York City and Westchester County, we are working to make sure we can meet the demand for electricity and continue to provide our customers with industry-leading reliable service.

“Options such as variable rates – which reward customers for charging vehicles at times when demand for electricity is low – can help us maintain the reliable service New Yorkers need.”