Metrix selects Silver Spring Networks for NZ AMI rollouts

Metrix chooses Silver Spring Networks for NZ rolloutIn New Zealand, a sub-division of New Zealand electricity utility Mighty River Power has chosen US company Silver Spring Networks to provide advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) for Trustpower, an electricity generator and energy and telecommunications retailer serving 225,000 customers across the country.

Metrix, which supplies advanced metering infrastructure and services to the New Zealand utility sector, will leverage Silver Spring Networks’ multi-application, standards-based IPv6 networking platform and deliver two-way communications.

The deal furthers the relationship between Silver Spring and Metrix, in that SSN’s platform is currently being utilised by Metrix to deliver services to Mercury Energy, as well as used in delivering smart metering-as-a-service to multiple retailers alongside distribution network owner, Counties Power.

Metrix core business is the provision of advanced metering infrastructure and services to New Zealand’s electricity retailers.

Commenting on the deal, Andrew Vlachiotis, vice president of Asia Pacific Sales for Silver Spring Networks, said: “Silver Spring is proud to be a preferred technology partner to Metrix, enabling Metrix to provide a leading multi-application service to its customers, such as Trustpower.

“We look forward to extending our presence in New Zealand to help bring customers more choice and higher level of service through smart grid applications.”

IPv6 multi-application platform

Silver Spring Networks is also assisting hydro operators in the US stabilize their grid operations and limit the risk of outages, using its IPv6 networking platform and solutions that allows hydro companies to monitor energy use in customers’ homes and businesses.

The US company has also partnered with Florida Power and Light in its ‘Streetlight Vision’, which will help the utility regulate the brightness of 500,000 streetlights and control when they come on.

Silver Spring Networks has approximately 23 million installed devices operating in North America including Canada, as well as Australia, New Zealand, South America, Asia and Europe.