Deal watch: M2M buys licence to TransData smart metering tech


US advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) manufacturer TransData has licensed its wireless smart meter patents to M2M Engineering, a communication module maker, the fourth licence agreement generated by the company’s smart meter portfolio. 

M2M has licensed patents for technology that equips a digital electric meter with an internal ‘under-glass’ wireless communication circuit and antenna that enables the electric meter circuitry within the meter to communicate wirelessly.

TransData first invented and deployed the technology in the mid-1990s.

Trace Gleibs, president of TransData, said: “We are extremely pleased to have signed another license agreement for our Smart Meter Patents, and appreciate the fact that M2M Engineering voluntarily approached TransData.

“This most recent agreement further demonstrates the significance of this technology to the manufacture and operation of wirelessly communicating smart electric meters.”

The move follows a licensing agreement for three TransData wireless smart meter patents to Sensus, a US solutions company offering smart meters and software, announced in May 2014.
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Deal watch: Module maker M2M buys licence to TransData smart metering tech 
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