US semiconductor supplier Semtech has teamed with a wireless product design company to produce a module for smart metering and sensor network applications.

Under the agreement, Washington DC-based Link Labs will make a LL-LP-20 radio module using Semtech’s LoRa long distance radio transceiver technology.

Link Labs LL-LP-20 is designed for industrial control, security and automation, smart metering and sensor network applications, Semtech said in a statement.

Interference protection

The combined product also aims to give increased interference immunity for the 915 MHz ISM band, which is increasingly being used in the US and Canada, the company said.

The module works by providing up to six orthogonal spreading sequences with three different signal bandwidth options and four error correction schemes.

Hardy Schmidbauer, director of Wireless Products at Semtech, said: “LoRa solves the traditional design compromise between range, interference immunity and energy consumption.”

The additional wireless range provided by LoRa also eliminates the need for repeaters in these applications, said Link Labs CEO Brian Ray.

Mr Ray said: “The LL-LP-20 and LoRa are a powerful alternative to Zigbee or other mesh networks for users that need extremely long battery life and great range performance.”

Radio frequency platform

In October 2014, Semtech secured another partnership for its LoRa technology when signing a deal with Japan’s Nissin Systems to develop a RF platform for smart meter infrastructure as well as other industrial applications.

Semtech will provide its SX1276 RF transceiver with LoRa technology combined with a Kinetis microcontroller provided by US embedded solutions company, Freestyle.

According to MarketWatch, the three components including Semtech RF, Freestyle microcontroller and Nissin’s ‘software stack’ will enable users of the platform to reduce advanced metering infrastructure costs and improve quality of service.

The new platform is Wi-Sun approved.

“For the first time, a Wi-SUN ready platform, including RF transceiver, MCU and software stack is made available to industrial customers building Japan’s metering infrastructure”, says Marc Pegulu of Semtech.