Delmarva Power launches smart meter deployment in Delaware


Gary Stockbridge,
President, Delmarva
Power Region
Newark, DE, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 24, 2009 – Delmarva Power has begun full deployment of smart electric and gas metering throughout its Delaware service territory.

The yearlong effort is part of the utility’s long term investment to build a smart power grid by improving communications between the meter, the customer and the power company.

The installations of the advanced digital electric meters begins in the Millsboro and Lewes areas and from there, the installations will move north, covering the company’s 300,000 electric customers and 122,000 natural gas customers in the state.

Electric meters will be replaced and gas meters will be retrofitted with a special gas module.

“The smart meter is only the beginning, yet it is critical to the end goal, which is to transform today’s aging power grid to one that is more flexible, efficient and reliable,” said Gary Stockbridge, president of Delmarva Power Region. “Ultimately, customers will see benefits, such as quicker service restoration, fewer estimated bills and more options for reducing their energy use to save money and help the environment.”

While Delmarva Power’s Delaware customers will begin to see the new meters arrive this fall, Stockbridge said it will take some time to fully integrate them to a point where customers realize all the benefits.
In September 2008 the Delaware Public Service Commission authorized a cost recovery and investment return plan for Delmarva Power’s smart meter program. Smart meters are a critical component of the company’s “Blueprint for the Future,” which supports the nationwide effort to partner with customers for energy efficiency and a global reduction in carbon emissions.