Delmarva Power’s smart meter field test gets under way in Delaware


Gary Stockbridge,
President, Delmarva
Power Region
Newark, DE, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 2, 2009 – Approximately 10,000 Delmarva Power residential customers in Delaware will receive advanced digital electric meters and/or gas modules, resulting in an upgrade to smart meters, in the coming months as part of the utility’s long term investment to improve communications between the meter, the customer and the power company.

The new equipment is part of a field test to ensure proper communications between the meter and other equipment on Delmarva Power’s system. During this testing phase, electric meters will be replaced and gas meters will be retrofitted with a special gas module.

Customers were selected to participate based on certain criteria including gas and electric, electric only, gas only, as well as urban, suburban and rural customers.

“This is an opportunity for our Delaware customers to be part of a longer term solution for curbing energy use, managing the cost of energy and helping to protect our environment. We all know that smart meters are critical to achieving that end goal,” said Gary Stockbridge, president of the Delmarva Power Region.

Eventually, all 300,000 business and residential customers in Delaware will get the smart meters, with the ultimate goal being improved reliability and customer service as well as more options for controlling energy use and prices.

Last September, the Delaware Public Service Commission approved a cost recovery and investment return plan for Delmarva Power’s smart meter implementation plan. Smart meters are a critical component of the company’s Blueprint for the Future plan, which supports the nationwide effort to partner with its customers for energy efficiency and a global reduction in carbon emissions.

The smart meter installations will continue throughout the spring and testing will occur in the summer. Subject to field test results, full deployment is expected to launch in late 2009.