US utility selects Comverge for expansion of DR programme


In a press statement, the US-based solutions provider said it will provide the utility with its solution ‘IntelliSOURCE Enterprise’ which includes field, customer and marketing services for the utility’s demand response programme.

Comverge claims that its solution will enable the utility to simplify implementation of its programme through improved management of its demand response events and having all important customer data integrated within one system.

The utility will take advantage of IntelliSOURCE Enterprise integrated modules IntelliSOURCE-Acquire for participant enrollment and recruitment and IntelliSOURCE-Work for field services operations, call center support, work order management, and inventory management.

The utility launched the demand response programme in 2010 under efforts to boost grid stability by having customers reduce their energy consumption levels and cost during peak periods.

Through the programme, the energy company replaces consumers’ air conditioning systems with energy efficiency models.

Demand response project expansion

The news follows an announcement made in late January by the Georgia-based demand response solutions company that it extended its energy conservation contract with US utility Entergy Arkansas to continue helping the utility’s customers to reduce their energy usage for grid reliability.

Under the extended demand response contract, Entergy Arkansas will continue to use Comverge’s technology and services in its programme ‘Summer Advantage’ throughout 2017.

The utility’s demand response project was introduced in 2012 with a target to achieve 15MW of demand response capacity.

However, Entergy Arkansas has expanded the programme to reach a target of up to 35MW of demand response capacity.

The demand response programme is a measure by Entergy Arkansas to avoid to investment in new energy generation projects. [IESO witnesses growth in demand response market]

Through the Summer Advantage programme, Entergy Arkansas aims to improve its customer services by ensuring that it continues to provide its customers with affordable electricity. The utility serves 705,000 customers in Arkansas.


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