Detectent Launches New Accurate Billing Solution


Escondido, CA, U.S.A — (METERING.COM) — September 8, 2008 – Customer Intelligence Solutions for utility business decision support, with its initial focus on the identification of energy theft, has now been expanded to include advanced Customer Intelligence for the identification of factors affecting billing accuracy such as under-registering meters, non-registering meters, and billing errors.

Detectent’s Accurate Billing Solution is the second in an evolving suite of solutions based on their advanced customer intelligence analytics. Leveraging Detectent’s vast enhanced customer information data warehouse, the Accurate Billing Solution delivers new analytical techniques that take advantage of the utility’s customer, meter and consumption data. Utilities with both manual and automated meter reading systems can benefit from the Accurate Billing Solution, and interval data available with AMI makes these new tools even more effective.

President and founder of Detectent, Michael Madrazo understands that accurate billing is a cornerstone of achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and maximum revenue for utility companies. "Maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction while attempting to recover unbilled revenue creates a delicate balancing act," says Madrazo. "With Detectent’s Accurate Billing Solution, our clients are able to identify situations of inaccurate billing quickly, ensuring a timely correction to the problem and full collection of revenue without sacrificing customer satisfaction."

With Detectent’s new Accurate Billing Solution, their utility clients are guarded against much more than theft. Already the proven leader in energy theft prevention for utilities, Detectent looks forward to utilizing their Customer Intelligence Solutions to help their clients resolve issues of billing inaccuracy quickly, recover maximum revenue and maintain high levels of customer satisfaction.