Device authentication service ships over 1 million certificates for ZigBee smart energy devices


Jim Alfred,
Senior Director,
Product Management,
Mississauga, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — June 1, 2009 – Smart energy security technology provider Certicom Corp. has announced that its Device Authentication Service for ZigBee Smart Energy has shipped more than one million certificates for smart meters and ZigBee Smart Energy networked devices.

ZigBee is a specification based on IEEE 802.15.4 standard for wireless devices enabling low-cost and low-bandwidth networks for the mass market. The ZigBee Smart Energy profile uses bandwidth efficient Elliptic Curve Qu Vanstone (ECQV) implicit certificates to authenticate devices on the network and performs secure key agreement based on authentic device identities.

Certificate-based device authentication and key establishment enables a robust smart energy ecosystem where devices can be deployed and managed with confidence, avoiding the security issues associated with previous wireless networking innovations, such as WEP.

“Strong, efficient elliptic curve cryptography is ideal for securing bandwidth and resource constrained residential and commercial energy management systems, and Certicom’s Device Certificate Authority helps ensure that only trusted devices have access to the utility network,” said Jim Alfred, senior director, product management for Certicom.

The Certicom Device Authentication Service provides a root of trust for ZigBee Smart Energy devices. The service helps facilitate the interoperability of ZigBee Smart Energy devices, lowering the total cost of ownership for utilities and metering companies while ensuring the security of the utility network.