Smart Metering for Jamaica: Every household to receive a water meter from Diehl Metering Germany


The National Water Commission (NWC) in Jamaica successfully signed a contract with Diehl Metering Germany for the delivery of 450,000 static water meters.

This significant investment on the part of the NWC demonstrates their satisfaction with the 60,000 HYDRUS water meters already delivered on the Caribbean island.

“Static ultrasonic measurement has become established as the new standard in the Caribbean in the last three years. All water usage is measured to a high degree of precision and shown transparently for the customer on the meter’s display. The technology also recognises existing leaks and thereby sustainably reduces wastage of this important resource”, said Stefan Raeder, Caribbean Regional Manager from Diehl Metering.

Caribbean requirements

The Caribbean island of Jamaica is subject to extreme environmental conditions that are the cause of a high level of material wear on the many mechanical water meters installed outdoors.

In addition to high humidity and direct sunlight, with temperatures of up to 50° Celsius, the sand and stones often deposited in the pipelines present a great risk to the moving parts of the legacy mechanical meters.

The new ultrasonic water meters have put the NWC on the road creating a comprehensive Smart Metering infrastructure, going a long way in proving its leading role in the region.

No other provider in the Caribbean has thus far invested so heavily in modernising its water meters and its network.

Benefits for NWC and their clients

Billing plays a crucial role in guaranteeing customer satisfaction, one of NWC’s first and foremost objectives. By implementing the HYDRUS ultrasonic water meter solution, NWC will now be able to offer precise and accurate billing for actual water consumption.

Revenue gained through the use of HYDRUS ultrasonic water meters enables the NWC to eliminate the causes of continuing NRW (non-revenue water) losses.

The former mechanical water meters had movable parts that were prone to damage by sand or deposits and gradually slowed down after around three years of use.

The HYDRUS static ultrasonic water meter has no moving parts, so it will help the NWC to increase its future turnover by taking accurate readings of actual consumption at all times without losing any of its precision over the years.

It is also no longer necessary to visit consumers’ homes to read manually the meters as consumption data is transmitted automatically via the integrated radio module of the HYDRUS.

In order to demonstrate a clear commitment to NWC customers, the additional revenue generated by the Diehl Metering solution is being directly reinvested into the water supply network to continuously improve the service and the customer experience.

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