Displaying total energy spend in real time


High energy prices and the approaching summer heat mean that the US is sorely in need of a simple device that monitors spending on electricity and puts valuable information in the hands of the individual consumer. The cent-@-meter™ is just that device.

The cent-@-meter is a simple to use, wireless monitor that displays a home or office’s total energy spend in real time. When an appliance is turned on, the cent-@-meter immediately senses the increased energy load and displays the resulting cost and kilowatts per hour being consumed in real time. It can even display the amount of green house gas that is attributed to the current energy consumption. Armed with this information, the consumer has a simple way to monitor and conserve electricity, save dollars and reduce the burden on the environment.

The device has been developed by Cenergies Unlimited, a distribution company that specialises in energy saving and ‘green’ devices. The cent-@-meter is also equipped with an alarm that can be set to sound when consumption exceeds a preset limit, as well as a digital thermometer and humidity sensor, all packaged in a case that measures about four inches square.