Distributed energy: Landis+Gyr unveils new platform for utilities


[quote] Global energy management solutions provider made the announcement of its distributed energy management platform at  its annual customer conference, “Exchange”, held in Phoenix, Arizona.

In an address at the conference, John Radgowski, vice president of Solutions Product Management at Landis+Gyr, said that the ECOS platform would help utilities bring together demand response, distributed energy resource and voltage management technologies in a coordinated approach for balancing load and bringing new distributed resources online in the future.

He added: “Utilities are facing flat demand growth, increasing competitive pressures and grid management issues with the rise in distributed resources. Meeting these challenges requires the ability to apply the most effective approach to each problem.

“In many cases, the technology is already available or deployed and what’s needed is a way to plan, integrate and leverage those assets to maintain reliable and efficient service.

“Building on the core capability of aggregating dispatchable load management, distributed generation management and voltage management for energy and capacity optimization, ECOS also recognizes the untapped potential of consumer-side load and distributed generation. Stronger customer partnerships will be a key factor for both grid management and customer retention in the future,” said Radgowski.

The platform is said to provide the tools to help utilities identify and prioritise problem areas and determine the best solution. It subsequently leverages data from sensors, and control of distribution equipment to perform operations such as voltage optimization, consumer load management and solar inverter control.

Landis+Gyr claims that ECOS’s modular design allows customised applications for each utility customer with the ability to expand functionality as needs evolve in the future.

Landis+Gyr Gridstream

The Switzerland-based firm also announced the launch of a communications platform that is capable of connecting multiple grid deployed AMI solutions. In a statement, Landis+Gyr said the launch of its grid router is a major advancement in adaptability and processing power for the network connecting the Gridstream suite of AMI, Distribution Intelligence and Customer Intelligence solutions.

Landis+Gyr said the device, which acts as a grid-edge server, directs and processes data to and from multiple head-end systems and smart community networks at once.



Image credit: www.ewea.org