Distribution management: USIOL to offer Open Grid Systems’ mobile workforce apps

UISOL computer integration utilities
USIOL will offer mobile applications as part of its network distribution management solutions for utilities

French energy solutions company Alstom has indicated that its network management subsidiary based in the US has formed an agreement with UK mobile workforce software company Open Grid Systems.

Alstom’s UISOL provides integrated distribution management system solutions and will use Open Grid Systems’ advanced mobile applications to give utilities solutions for their field workforce.

Open Grid Systems offers standards-based products designed for utility workers to access and collect information in the field using tablet technologies in both offline and online environments.

UISOL’s chief technology officer Scott Neumann said: “The Open Grid Systems solution recognizes the full potential of modern, tablet-based technologies as an information solution for the mobile workforce.

“One example is damage assessment, where the information needed by the utility can be readily captured using tablet technologies.

“The Open Grid Systems solution brings powerful mobile capabilities to Alstom IDMS customers.”

The partnership, which is long-standing between the two companies, also aims to expand the deployment and usage of Open Grid Systems’ products through UISOL’s contacts.

Promotion of Open ADR standards

Alstom bought UISOL, a California-based company that offers utilities end-to-end integration of computer systems, in 2011.

UISOL has been a leading champion of the OpenADR technology to the national and international markets.

The company supported the Berkeley lab’s Demand Response Research Center on the specification, primarily in deployment of the OpenADR standards and development of Open Source toolkit for wide-scale adoption of OpenADR.

The Open Source version offers a Java-based OpenADR client/server implementation that provides a lightweight platform for developing and testing OpenADR clients, complete end-to-end demonstrations, proof of concept testing, and capability for small-scale deployments.