DoE grant to boost RE adoption in Hawaii


According to a local media, Hawaii will use the funds to develop measures to increase awareness around renewable energy technologies amongst actors in the island state’s energy market.

Hawaii will acquire the funding through the DoE’s State Energy Programme.

Hawaiian Electric Company (HEC) has partnered with the University of Hawaii Manoa  to implement the HAVEN programme.

The HAVEN programme aims to help national regulatory authorities and stakeholders in the country’s power sector to make informed decisions regarding clean energy transformation.

The two parties will use data visualisation tools to compare Hawaii’s current energy, environmental and economic status with targets set to identify solutions to challenges restraining the country’s renewable energy sector.

[quote] Mark Glick, an administrator at the State Energy Office, commented:  “Planning to achieve a 100 percent renewable portfolio standard is a complex and iterative process.

“Understanding the economic, environmental and energy security impacts of the key decision points in various planning scenarios is essential for decision makers to have a complete picture of the energy landscape proposed in each scenario,” added Glick. [Hawaiian Electric manages demand with software solution].

Renewable energy adoption

The news follows mid-August’s announcement by the Governor of Hawaii that the country plans to increase the implementation of community solar projects to make clean energy available to a greater number of Hawaiian households.

Addressing at the eighth annual Hawaii Clean Energy Day held at the Laniakea YWCA, the governor, David Ige, said that community solar “will democratize renewable energy by allowing those who do not have access to rooftop real estate to be able to participate in the benefits of the clean-energy transformation.”

He added that he wanted to give all citizens in Hawaii the option of taking advantage of clean, solar energy, regardless of whether they have roof real estate or are renting.

The governor said that Hawaii’s energy community needs to band together in order to reach the state’s renewable-energy goals, now especially, following the regulator’s rejection of the sale of Hawaiian Electric Industries to Florida-based NextEra Energy Inc.


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