Dominion Energy announces its largest solar facility in Virginia


US utility Dominion Energy has announced the construction of its largest solar facility in Virginia, a 150MW plant to be developed in Prince George County.

The Fort Powhatan Solar facility is expected to be operational in 2021 to provide clean energy and renewable energy certificates to a data centre under a long-term contract.

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The aim is to reduce carbon emissions in the state as well as provide consumers with affordable energy.

Dominion Energy has set a target to generate more than 3,000MW of energy from solar and wind in Virginia by 2022.

Today, Dominion Energy has more than 40 solar facilities totalling more than 1,500MW of solar generation operational or under development in Virginia.

Dominion Energy has fulfilled approximately 45% of its renewable energy goal in Virginia.

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Nationwide, Dominion Energy owns the fourth-largest solar fleet among utility holding companies.

Access the utility’s Sustainability Report.