Doyon deploys Tantalus Advanced Metering System at three Alaskan army posts


Base Modernization Project Uses Smart Grid Technology to Improve Energy Management .
Doyon’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) project is one of the largest and most complex metering initiatives currently underway at a U.S. military facility. It involves implementing a two-way communications network and common data platform to support advanced metering for electricity, water, gas and steam resources that meets the U.S. military’s performance standards.

The multi-commodity AMI system will enable Doyon energy managers to automatically monitor resource consumption at each Army post, quickly detect outages, diagnose potential problems before they impact service, provide the information needed to investigate ways to economize on energy consumption and in the future provide load management capabilities and distribution automation functionality in its utility systems.

The TUNet system selected by Doyon uses wireless RF (Radio Frequency) technology to create a secure, long-range communications network that requires minimal infrastructure and operates reliably in a sub-arctic environment. To date, two-thirds of the advanced metering infrastructure has been deployed at Fort Wainwright, Fort Greely and Fort Richardson, which are located near Anchorage and Fairbanks; full implementation is targeted for completion in the summer of 2009.

Doyon enlisted a coalition of private sector companies to implement the state-of-the-art AMI solution, led by Corix Utilities US Inc., a Milwaukee-based company that undertakes and manages meter deployments across the United States and in Canada. As well as providing general oversight, Corix coordinated site preparations, deployed the multi-commodity meters, acquired spectrum, and integrated the technology. Flow meters from several manufacturers equipped with Badger® ORION® transceivers use the TUNet AMI network to communicate with the utility. Corix is establishing a Customer Information System where all data from electricity, water, gas and steam meters can be organized and processed.

“Tantalus is honored to work with Doyon Utilities and the US Army, and to be part of the technology team assembled by Corix for this project,” said Eric Murray, President of Tantalus. “Managing energy intelligently
is a vital function of any large organization, whether it’s a large company, a utility, or the military. Our goal is to help Doyon and the Army posts it serves set the standard for energy management practices, using information to improve facility operations, contain costs, and achieve a new level of energy management efficiency.”

About Doyon Utilities LLC
Doyon Utilities owns and operates 12 utility systems at three U.S. Army Posts in Alaska pursuant to a 50-year Utility Privatization Contract. Doyon Utilities is undertaking a $200 million reconstruction program over the next 5 years at the three posts to upgrade the Combined Heat and Power utility systems, entirely rebuild the electric distribution systems and modernize the water and wastewater utility systems.  Doyon Utilities LLC, based in Fairbanks Alaska, has 112 staff and is equally owned by Fairbanks Sewer and Water Inc., which owns and operates the local water utility in Fairbanks and indirectly owned by Doyon Limited, one of the largest Alaskan regional native corporations in the State. For more information, please visit