Drive-by AMR tool for electric, gas and water utilities

Liberty Lake, WA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — April 5, 2007 — Itron Inc. has announced the commercial availability of Mobile Collector Lite (MCLite) running MV-RS v7.8 software, a cost-effective, flexible solution to water, gas and electric utilities interested in capitalizing on the value attained in a drive-by data collection system. The combined authorization showcases Itron’s newest offering for mobile automated meter reading (AMR).  

MCLite is an easy-to-use, portable drive-by AMR tool that utilizes the Itron FC200 handheld computer with an external radio to gather consumption and tamper data from ERT-equipped electricity, gas and water meters. A single MCLite can read up to 10,000 meters on a single route, compared to the few hundred meters than can be read on the average handheld walking routes. Meter readers can collect reads while driving at normal city driving speeds, or they can remove the FC200 handheld computer from the in-vehicle dock to collect manual meter reads and probes.  

MV-RS v7.8 is the PC-based meter reading software solution for data collection and route management for Itron handheld computers, mobile collection systems, optical and touch probes.

With MCLite and MV-RS v7.8, Itron offers utilities a transition from manual meter reads to a mobile solution that still allows manual reads when necessary. The radio technology helps reduce read times from days to hours, saving utilities time and money.  

“While MCLite can deliver value for any utility, this product is ideally suited to smaller utilities looking for a lower-cost mobile AMR solution, or for utilities looking to augment their existing Itron mobile AMR systems with a highly flexible solution for both AMR and manual reading applications,” said Jim Olkowski, product line manager for Itron water solutions. “With this combination of technology, Itron offers a clear and cost-effective migration path to automated meter reading systems, allowing utilities to scale along with their changing operations and strategic objectives.”