DTE Energy launches MyEnergy Analyzer


Detroit, MI, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — February 6, 2008 – MyEnergy Analyzer, a free, online tool designed for all energy users, including small businesses, to help them better understand their energy usage by asking questions specific to their own apartment, condo, house or small business, has been launched by U.S. utility DTE Energy.

MyEnergy Analyzer has two parts – a bill-analyzing tool and an energy efficiency tool. It provides customized energy efficiency recommendations and will show customers how much they can expect to save if the recommendations are followed.

"We’re offering this to our customers because the information goes beyond what we can offer on our paper bills," said Joyce Hayes-Giles, DTE Energy senior vice president, Customer Service. "MyEnergy Analyzer can provide immediate answers to energy-related questions and identify factors that cause energy bills to go up or down."

Customers are led through a series of questions such as the style of residence, how many levels it has, the year it was built, the number of rooms, how many people live there and the type of heating/cooling systems. It also asks about the appliances used and can tell customers how much it costs to operate individual appliances annually.

It also recommends different tactics to save energy, and the expected savings that could be achieved by adopting each tactic, and it will allow customers to compare bills and see their billing history.