DTE Energy to expand advanced metering program


One of the homes
located in Bloomfield
Detroit, MI, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — September 7, 2009 – DTE Energy has announced that it is to expand its advanced metering pilot program in a section of Bloomfield Township.

The installation of 2,500 meters in Bloomfield Township is an expansion of a pilot program that started last year. DTE Energy has completed the installation and testing of more than 10,000 electric meters and gas meter modules on Grosse Ile and has begun the installation of 2,000 meters on Harsen’s Island.

“Bloomfield Township is a good next step for the program because our research has shown customers there are ready to take advantage of the new technology,” said Vince Dow, Detroit Edison vice president, Distribution Operations. “The program’s expansion will allow us to further test the installation process and continue to prove the benefits for both our customers and the company.”

DTE Energy has nearly 4 million electric and gas meters scheduled to be read every month, although some go unread because of severe weather, dogs, locked gates or other access problems.

“With advanced metering we will be able to achieve more than a 99 percent daily meter reading rate, which will eliminate the vast majority of estimated bills,” Dow said.

Itron as the technology provider will begin installation of the electric meters in Bloomfield Township later this month. Installation is expected to be completed this year.

After the system testing and evaluation process has been completed, installation is planned to spread throughout Detroit Edison’s and Michigan Consolidated Gas Co.’s service areas on a community-by-community basis. Every electric meter in Southeast Michigan would be replaced with solid state meters and every gas meter would be modified with an advanced metering module.