Duke Energy launches My Home Energy Report


Gayle Lanier,
Senior VP and Chief
Customer Officer,
Duke Energy
Charlotte, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — November 23, 2012 – Duke Energy has launched the “My Home Energy Report” service to 500,000 residential customers in North Carolina showing them how their personal energy usage compares with customers who live in similar homes in their areas.

“We know neighbors talk and compare their bills,” said Gayle Lanier, Duke Energy senior vice president and chief customer officer. “By showing customers how their actual energy usage compares to their neighbors, we believe they’ll make changes to be more efficient and, most importantly, reduce their overall energy costs.”
The report is a customized, paper-based energy usage report that is mailed to eligible residential customers. The report groups homes of similar size, age and location – based on publicly available tax records – and compares the customer’s usage to the average home and efficient homes within the group. The report also includes tips and other recommendations for reducing energy usage, but does not include names or other personal information.

Duke Energy has been testing this program for more than a year with randomly selected customers, with the results indicating an average 2 percent saving, around $20, on their annual energy costs.

Duke Energy residential customers in North Carolina who live in singlefamily homes with one electric meter, have at least 12 months of energy usage history and are not currently participating in fixed pricing plans should receive their reports over the next few weeks.

Duke Energy customers in South Carolina began receiving the reports earlier this year.