Echelon wins award for energy efficiency product


Ron Bernstein,
Executive Director,
LonMark International
San Jose, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — December 10, 2007 – Echelon Corporation, a provider of networking technology that is used to manage and reduce energy consumption, has announced that the new i.LON® SmartServer has received the Infrastructure Product of the Year award from LonMark® International, a non-profit trade association that manages and certifies standards for open, interoperable LonWorks® based products and systems. The award was presented to Echelon at the recent 2007 LonWorld® Conference and Exhibition in Amsterdam, the world’s largest event devoted to the LonWorks control networking platform.

“We are proud to be recognized as a provider of key infrastructure products for one of today’s most important control applications — energy savings,” said Anders Axelsson, Echelon’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “The new SmartServer is being used in a wide-ranging set of energy savings solutions, from managing peak demand on a utility’s electricity grid to managing intelligent streetlights for cities, to allowing commercial buildings to be ‘green’ and actively monitor and minimize energy use. This award is a testament to the long-term value that control infrastructures play in green applications.”

The newly released i.LON SmartServer helps to enable energy conservation across key energy using industries, including building automation, street lighting, retail stores, quick-service restaurants, and homes. The SmartServer controls, monitors, and manages virtually any electronic device on a network, optimizing energy efficiency applications and enabling demand response programs.

“This year’s awards mark an impressive achievement in the industry and recognize the great products and solutions that make possible the transition to complete plug and play interoperability,” said Ron Bernstein, Executive Director of LonMark International. “Echelon is a market leader dedicated to advancing the LonWorks® technology platform for intelligent and progressive controls solutions in all areas of application.”