Ecobee’s new smart thermostat controls every room


ecobee3 smart thermostat multiple sensorsCanadian smart thermostat maker Ecobee has unveiled its latest product that measures temperature in multiple locations around the home.

Ecobee 3 thermostat uses wireless remote sensors to determine and control temperature in different rooms of a home to address hot and cold spots and can support up to 32 sensors in total.

Home or away

The Toronto-based company also claims that the sensors allow the unit to determine if a room is occupied and automatically adjusts the temperature in the room.

Commenting on the development of the new product, Stuart Lombard, co-chief executive officer at Ecobee, said: “The industry has seen the introduction of new thermostats that seem modern but have the same flaw that thermostats did fifty years ago – they only measure the temperature in one location, often the hallway.

“The ecobee3 thermostat and remote sensors resolve this fundamental design flaw and deliver comfort to the rooms that really matter.”

Smart intelligence

Ecobee thermostats use DataRhythm technology to process data points allowing the units to make personalized heating and cooling decisions.

The new model – Ecobee 3 – includes Smart Home Recovery, an algorithm that aims to understand how your home heats up and cools down, and factors in the local weather to determine the best way to bring your home to your preferred temperature at the right time while also minimizing HVAC equipment use.

The ecobee3 thermostat constantly monitors your equipment performance and will send you an alert if anything is not working or working sub-optimally. Similarly, ecobee3 can send you reminders to change your filters, have your equipment serviced, and more.

Customer control

As with other smart thermostats available on the marker, customers can monitor and control their ecobee3 thermostat using their smartphone or tablet.

The ecobee3 smart thermostat with remote sensor includes a 3-year warranty and will be available in the US and Canada for US$249 from September 29.

The ecobee3 thermostat comes with one free wireless remote sensor and can support up to 32 sensors total.  Additional remote sensors can be purchased in a package of two for US$79.

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