ECOVA unveils new customer engagement tech for utilities


The launch of the technology follows the acquisition of data analytics firm Retrofiency by the Washington State headquartered company.

In a press statement, ECOVA claims its new ‘Retrofiency Analytics platform’ allows utilities to increase customer satisfaction and adoption of programmes.

In a pilot of the solution, the advanced meter analytics tech integrated into the solution has allowed the customer engagement platform to identify customers with at least 2x more energy savings opportunities and increase adoption of utility efficiency programmes by 4x more than before, explains the company.

Jana Schmidt, CEO of ECOVA commented: “Utilities are facing a level of disruptive change they’ve never seen. How utilities interact with their business customers over the next decade won’t look anything like the last decade.

Bennett Fisher, head of ECOVA’s digital engagement and efficiency analytics added: “Technology, market and regulatory changes are creating an environment where energy providers must become more customer-centric and increase satisfaction to succeed today and in the future.

“This new Digital Engagement solution will help our utility clients proactively guide customers through energy efficiency actions and distributed energy investments to enhance service in new ways,” said Fisher.

[quote] The solution is said comprises of three apps including the End-user customer portal and the Multi-channel marketing campaigns notifying businesses of their energy consumption and providing tips on more energy efficiency usage.

The Online marketplace app allows the solution to connect customers interested in projects to appropriate tractors, streamlining transactions and lowering costs.

Customer engagement in the US

In other customer engagement news, US customer information systems company Professional Computer Systems (PCS) in March partnered with utility text messaging business solutions provider TextPower.

Under the deal, PCS agreed to integrate its customer empowerment solution, Utilit-e solution with TextPower’s text messaging platform to allow PCS utility clients to send customer-service related notifications via text messages.

Commenting on the development, Mark Nielsen, TextPower’s executive chairman, said the integration will automate utility customer alerts and billing notices which will save both the utility and their customers time and money.”

According to Nielsen, 80% of utility consumers in the US prefer text messages to email and phone

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