EDF partners on energy storage project


According to Energy News Live, Stornetic will develop an energy storage device which will be installed at the French utility’s concept grid site near Paris by summer next year. [Utility battery storage capacity to reach 42.7 GWh by 2025]

Energy News Live adds that EDF’s concept grid consists of 10 kilometres of voltage networks with several substations and test areas and a neighbourhood of five houses fitted with local generation. The storage technology will allow EDF to transform electrical energy into rotation energy and store it.

Etienne Briere, Renewables and Storage programme director at EDF’s R&D said: “We believe that energy storage solutions will play a key role in the upcoming transformations of the electrical systems. Thanks to the unique EDF experimental facility of concept grid, we are able to reproduce real distribution networks and test innovative electrical equipment in fully controllable conditions of operation.”

PG&E storage

US power utility Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) selected energy storage firm Green Charge to participate in its distributed energy resources management pilot. [Massachusetts utility partners on state’s largest energy storage system]

Under the pilot, Green Charge has been tasked to develop energy storage systems for PG&E customers participating in the pilot in San Jose, California.

The energy storage systems will be used to store energy during off-peak periods and supply the stored energy into utility’s grid network during peak periods.

Vic Shao, CEO of Green Charge, said: “In California there are frequent periods of high demand for energy that cause stress on the electrical grid.”

Under the deal Green Charge will integrate its grid asset management software GridSynergy with PG&E and GE’s distributed energy resources management software.

The integration will allow the utility firm to manage its distributed energy storage systems in real-time.
Shao, added: “Distribution system operators are also facing increasingly complex challenges with growth in distributed energy resources. Energy storage provides a smarter, more efficient grid that helps to relieve stress during peak periods and provide grid support services.”