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Efficiency Valuation Organisation

Evo launching subscribership – join our global community


EVO is the only organisation in the world solely dedicated to creating measurement and verification (M&V) tools to allow efficiency to flourish. EVO’s vision is a global market that values the efficiency resource; by focusing specifically on the valuation of  fficiency projects, EVO fills a void in our industry.

Through its flagship product, the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP), EVO has been assisting public and private decision-makers around the world for over ten years. Today the IPMVP is the leading international standard in M&V protocols; a revised IPMVP will be released at the end of 2006.

EVO supports and provides access to a global base of knowledge in the field of resource efficiency M&V. We understand that building an international community is critical to the global promotion of the efficient use of natural resources – and we want you to be part of it by becoming an EVO subscriber.

Beginning with our new launch date of September 25, 2006, energy industry professionals will be able to enjoy the benefits of Individual or Organisational Subscriptions, including opportunities to share ideas, experiences, questions and solutions with other EVO subscribers around the globe both virtually and face-to-face. For only US$100 annually, Individual Subscribers also benefit from:

• Subscriber Login and access to the EVO Subscriber Area on our webiste with useful tools and resources, including a discussion forum for online collaboration with global colleagues.

• Free downloads of EVO documents, including the forthcoming 2006 IPMVP as soon as it is available – six months in advance of nonsubscribers.

• Eligibility for Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) training and certification.

• Quarterly e-mail newsletter to keep you posted on all the latest industry happenings.

• 50% discount on one bound copy of the 2006 IPMVP; 25% discount on additional copies of IPMVP volumes.

• Discounts on select industry conferences.

• Exclusive opportunities to purchase other EVO products.

Primary and Senior Organizational Subscribers will enjoy recognition of their commitment to this critical element of the efficiency industry on both the EVO web site and the 2006 IPMVP document.

EVO will launch this exciting new community at the 2006 ESCO Europe conference, September 25, 2006 in Prague.

While exceptionally professional in its activities, EVO is at heart a grassroots organisation. As such, its energy, resources and direction stem from the contributions of those that make up its community. We sincerely hope you will become part of it.