Efficiency-Vermont-online-toolUS energy-savings organization Efficiency Vermont has launched a new customer engagement program with an online tool for households with smart meters.

The non-profit company, which is contracted by the state and utilities to deliver energy savings, mailed communications to 100,000 Vermont households to educate them about getting and using data from smart meters.

Efficiency Vermont will provide the selected customers with a customized report about their monthly power use compared with the energy efficiency among a sample of neighbours.

Marketing online service

In a publicity drive, local newspaper The Daily Journal reported how an Efficiency Vermont customer support specialist visited a customer to set up the new online tool.

The employee Matt Kilcoyne found that a dehumidifier in homeowner Kelly Hackett’s basement was responsible for a spike in monthly power bill.

Mr Kilcoyne made suggestions on how to reduce moisture in the basement and save water heating costs in the process.

The Efficiency Vermont report also pointed to potential savings of more than US$300 a year from new water heaters, gutters and replacing halogen lights with more efficient LED bulbs.

The agency Efficiency Vermont works with utility Green Mountain Power, the state’s largest electric company, which installed smart meters in homes and businesses about 18 months ago.