Efficient and cost effective data collection and storage for electric and gas smart meters


Minnetonka, MN, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 24, 2011 – The Canary Smart Meter Solution from Canary Labs has been launched, providing a cost effective customizable data management solution with long term data management capabilities.

Designed to collect, display and store trend historian data from electric and gas smart meters, the Canary Smart Meter Solution stores smart meter data via patent pending Canary Enterprise Historian technology. A time series database is specifically designed to efficiently store and retrieve data. For instance, data from 650,000 smart meters that report usage every 15 minutes would utilize 11 GB of disk space each month – just 1/10th the amount of disk space required by traditional SQL databases. Logging and data performance provided by the Canary Smart Meter Solution is extremely fast, as is the retrieval time.

"The increasing use of smart meters in the electric and gas industries promises to provide a variety of cost, service and environmental benefits, but also challenges related to data collection and storage," said Gary Stem, president of Canary Labs. “The Canary Smart Meter Solutions helps to solve these issues by providing time efficient and cost effective data management."

Key features of the Canary Smart Meter Solution that make it particularly effective and simple to use include:

  • Reduced equipment costs by providing fast and efficient data storage
  • Redundancy to protect data and increases availability
  • Long term data management, including data validation, archiving and roll-up
  • Security and audit logs to enhance records
  • Customized reports and charts to better suit specific application requirements
  • Web access to reports and charts for increased convenience.