Eka Systems announces partnership with Energomera


Germantown, MD, U.S.A. and Stavropol, Russia — (METERING.COM) — January 14, 2008 – Eka Systems, Inc., a global manufacturer and supplier of smart wireless energy networks, has announced its new partnership with Energomera, a Russian energy meter manufacturer. The partnership agreement, signed through Data Transfer, Eka’s exclusive distributor in the Russian Federation, and Energomera, will result in the integration of Eka’s proven smart AMI network system EkaNet™ with Energomera’s fifth generation of advanced residential and C&I energy meters.

The combined system will provide Russian utilities with an end-to-end smart AMI solution that delivers unrestricted monitoring and control of customer consumption data, and the ability to create efficient, flexible and highly scalable energy management solutions that deliver a better overall experience to their customers.

The EkaNet smart AMI network – currently deployed by Lenenergo, the electric utility that services all of St. Petersburg, Russia – is a proven wireless mesh network that provides reliable two-way, near real-time data transport, comprehensive security, scalability and self-management of meter nodes through an automated, highly efficient communications process that eliminates traditional IT management costs and involvement. It utilizes a patented, true wireless mesh networking technology that overcomes the traditional limitations associated with controlled and managed ‘mesh-like’ systems, and enables meter nodes to instinctively respond to their dynamic wireless environment and intelligently route data without hard limits on the number of hops or meter nodes per gateway. EkaNet is provisioned with installation and field tools for rapid deployment.

When combined with Data Transfer’s software package, the Eka Systems and Energomera solution will enable utilities throughout Russia to deploy the robust, large scale AMI solutions they need to meet their growing needs for advanced metering with low operating costs.