Eka Systems drive-by products puts meter reading in the fast lane

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Germantown, MD, USA — (METERING.COM) — August 2, 2006 – Wireless sensor networking solutions provider Eka Systems has today announced the release of its new EkaNet-Mobile wireless drive-by system.

The system will offer utilities demand reset capability for automated C&I meter reading. This solution similar to the one already being used for reading residential meters, which is based on a one-way transmission system.

Furthermore, GPS technology currently being used by utilities will be part of Eka’s solution in mapping meter locations to meter serial numbers.

Steve Davis, member of Dominion Virginia Power’s metering department, commented of the system: “This technology is a great complement to the one-way drive-by solution for residential meter reading. Many utilities have deployed drive-by solution for residential meter reading but do not have an effective answer to the C&I meters.”