ELECTRAKâ„¢ cabinet features pull-out shelves for worker safety


Farmington Hills, MI, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — February 25, 2009 – With the introduction of the ELECTRAK™ cabinet, ergonomics has been added to the other conveniences of primary metering cabinets.

The ELECTRAK from the Brooks Utility Products Group, features roll-out shelves that can hold up to 400 pounds each, vastly improving worker safety while speeding service time.

“Worker safety has always been a driving force in our product design,” explained Jeff Hanft, Brooks UPG group VP & general manager. “ELECTRAK’s design means that utility workers don’t have to literally crawl inside the cabinet or lift large transformers to provide service. ELECTRAK can reduce the risk of worker injury, while improving overall access to the cabinet.”

The ELECTRAK is constructed of galvanized steel with a powder-coated finish for durability and long life, and features a compact design for a smaller exterior footprint and appearance.

The ELECTRAK is easily customized to a utility’s specific needs for a variety of transformers. The Model 700-7840 is rated for 15 kV, 200 A services and utilizes the new GE-style transformer. For a high capacity installation, the ELECTRAK Model 700-7950 is rated for 15-25 kV, 200-600 A, and can utilize either conventional ABB or new GE-style transformers.

The ELECTRAK also can be completely pre-wired with transformers before delivery to the site.