US EV owners want increase in public EV charging stations, survey


In a press statement, ON World says early adopters of EV have strong concerns about the availability of public electric vehicle charging stations despite billions of dollars being invested towards the development of plug-in electric vehicle charging stations.

The research includes a survey of some 2,000 EV owners in the US. Over half of the survey participants are concerned about public EV infrastructure.

“Although 80% of charging is done at home, public availability is the number one concern,” says a statement issued by ON World.

Amongst the survey participants interested in EVs, 75% prefer to use EVs supporting a minimum of 300 miles per charge whilst two-thirds of the respondents aged between 18 and 24 prefer300+ per charge.

The research found California has over 30% of the country’s total plug-in electric vehicle drivers and the largest portfolio of charging infrastructure amongst all the 50 states.

Of the state’s total EV owners, 57% worry about public charging availability and 54% are concerned about the time it takes to charge up their vehicle.

Following the results of the survey, ON World has concluded that there is need to increase investment in research and development of plug-in electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Mareca Hatler, ON World’s research director, said: “Charging infrastructure is an enormous investment opportunity.

“The millions of PEVs in use over the next few years will require smart charging solutions that provide network management, dynamic billing, energy savings and vehicle-to-grid Integration.”

The IoT market research firm projects majority of plug-in electric vehicle charging stations to be developed over the next five years will be constructed in workplace, fleets, government and hospitality facilities.

The firm forecasts that there will be 1.2 million installed electric vehicle supply equipment connectors in North America by 2022.

The utility industry is expected to play a significant role towards the growth of the market with California’s three major investor-owned utilities have plans to invest $1 billion towards the development of EV chargers over the next five years.


Image Credit: 123rf.