North Carolina city to upgrade electric and water system


According to local media, Elizabeth City will partner with NexGrid in developing a smart grid system to optimise the efficiency of its water and electricity distribution systems.

The project will include $2.25 million being directed towards the installation of smart electric meters, load management switches and other smart grid technologies and grid assets.

The $2.25 million will come from the city’s electrical fund whilst $1.5 million for the installation of smart water meters will be sourced from the water-sewer fund.

Rich Olson, the manager at Elizabeth City, said: “The implementation process will take a year, 18 months, maybe two years to be implemented.”

The smart grid project will be implemented in phases and will help consumers to make use of their energy and water consumption data to improve their efficiency and reduce utility bills.

“And the other thing which is important right now because of what’s going on in the community — there will be a private portal that allows an individual citizen, on their smartphone or device, to look at their electrical meter and chart what their electrical consumption is.

“It’s real-time data…I know there are people that believe somehow we’re playing with data, manipulating data or whatever, but they’ll be able to see it first-hand.”

The programme will enable the city’s electric division to quickly detect and address power outages as well as improve its revenue collections through accurate billing.

Olson said the smart grid will reduce the city’s operational expenses incurred in carrying out manual meter readings and help improve load management and forecasting.

In addition to the smart grid project, Elizabeth City plans to include in its 2017-2018 budget, $750,000 for maintenance of its electricity distribution lines.

Smart electric infrastructure development

Meanwhile, in an extended effort to modernise its power distribution infrastructure in North Carolina, Duke Energy will invest an additional $13bn over the next 10 years.

Duke Energy plans to add technology to reduce power outages and putting more energy efficiency tools into the hands of its consumers. Read more…


Image Credit: 123rf.