Electricity sector leaders commit to Ontario Smart Grid Forum


Paul Murphy,
President & CEO,
Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — June 5, 2008 – Several prominent members of Ontario’s electricity sector have agreed to serve on Ontario’s Smart Grid Forum – a broad-based industry dialogue that builds on the investment in smart meters already underway, and aims to develop a vision for a provincial smart grid that will provide consumers with more efficient, responsive and cost-effective electricity service.

"The development of a smart grid in Ontario will foster more consumer engagement in the market and enable effective integration of distributed renewable generation," said Paul Murphy, President and CEO of the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), and Chair of the Ontario Smart Grid Forum. "Enabling technologies will provide consumers with the tools and information they require to actively manage their electricity consumption."

The goal of a smart grid is to use advanced information-based technologies to increase grid efficiency, reliability and flexibility. It enables the better use of the existing delivery infrastructure and offers benefits for both the consumer and the environment.

The forum will consider how a smart grid in Ontario could deliver significant operational, environmental and consumer benefits. In addition to enhancing system reliability, and supporting consumer engagement, a smart grid is likely to reduce the environmental footprint of Ontario’s power system by reducing the need to expand existing infrastructure.

The Ontario Smart Grid Forum will focus on opportunities in Ontario, but will monitor developments occurring in other jurisdictions and identify potential linkages. Members include:

  • Paul Murphy, President and CEO, IESO, and Chair, Ontario Smart Grid Forum
  • David Collie, President and CEO, Burlington Hydro Inc.
  • Norm Fraser, Chief Operating Officer, Hydro Ottawa Limited
  • Anthony Haines, President, Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited
  • Wayne Smith, VP, Grid Operations, Hydro One Inc.
  • Paul Shervill, VP, Conservation and Sector Development, Ontario Power Authority
  • David McFadden, Chair, Ontario Centres of Excellence
  • Michael Angemeer, President and CEO, Veridian Corporation
  • Dr. Jatin Nathwani, Professor and Ontario Research Chair in Public Policy and Sustainable Energy Management, Faculties of Engineering and Environmental Studies, University of Waterloo
  • Peter Wallace, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy
  • Aleck Dadson, Chief Operating Officer, Ontario Energy Board.

Forum objectives include:

  • Educating involved industry leaders about emerging drivers, technologies, and opportunities related to the smart grid
  • Developing a high-level vision of the future in Ontario served by a smart grid
  • Describing and quantifying the benefits that will be possible through a wide range of smart grid technologies
  • Identifying enablers and barriers to the construction of the smart grid
  • Identifying the actions needed to overcome barriers so that the benefits of the smart grid may be realized by the people of Ontario.

Members will meet on a monthly basis until the end of 2008, after which a comprehensive report will be issued with findings and recommendations for Ontario’s electricity sector. This report will form the basis for further action and discussion among policy-makers, regulators and industry participants.