Electrolyzer technology demonstrated in utility-scale grid stabilization trial with Ontario’s IESO


Bruce Campbell,
VP, Resource Integration,
Ontario IESO
Mississauga, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — June 21, 2011 – An innovative trial demonstrating the viability of its electrolyzer technology for utility-scale grid stabilization has been successfully completed by hydrogen generation and fuel cell product developer Hydrogenics Corporation with Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO).

During the trial period, the load from a Hydrogenics HySTAT(TM) electrolyzer provided frequency regulation in Ontario by responding to power regulation signals from the IESO on a second-by-second basis. Using an electrolyzer currently installed at Hydrogenics’ corporate headquarters, the IESO and Hydrogenics worked together to demonstrate how the hydrogen equipment follows regulation signals in a real-world scenario. In doing so, Hydrogenics demonstrated better balancing of electrical supply and demand while alleviating local transmission constraints.

“We are very interested in seeing new technologies enter the market to provide services that have traditionally only been available from a limited number of sources,” said Bruce Campbell, vice president, resource integration for the IESO. “Hydrogenics’ ability to provide regulation services demonstrates the success of finding new ways to balance supply and demand on a second by second basis.”

In a statement the company said the technology can be used for both grid stabilization and energy storage, and the learnings from the trial will be applied towards the development of megawatt-scale energy storage applications.