Elster and Landis+Gyr to jointly develop integrated advanced metering products


Jerry Figurilli,
COO, Landis+Gyr
Atlanta, GA and Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — August 31, 2011 – The two major energy management product providers Elster and Landis+Gyr have announced an agreement to jointly develop integrated advanced metering hardware.

Under the agreement, each company will work to integrate communication functions into advanced meters with the purpose of providing utility customers with meter platform choice. Both companies are working to develop firmware that will make advanced meters function within each company’s respective communication systems.

Landis+Gyr is developing Gridstream(TM) communications firmware that will operate within Elster’s integrated residential REX meter platform, and enable the meter to operate within the Gridstream network without the need for a Landis+Gyr-specific communications module.

Likewise, Elster has agreed to develop EnergyAxis® communications firmware that will operate seamlessly within Landis+Gyr’s integrated residential FOCUS meter, without the need for an Elster-specific communications module.

The anticipated outcome of this agreement is an integrated meter and communications platform for use within EnergyAxis or Gridstream smart grid networks. Utilities will then be able to accommodate technology advances simply by updating the radio firmware in their meters.

“By enabling hardware interoperability, we will be able to provide utilities more choice in the selection of advanced meters,” explained Jerry Figurilli, chief operating officer at Landis+Gyr. “The use of a firmware-based solution for communications upgrades in the future is standard practice for Landis+Gyr and it makes sense to further proliferate this approach in the market.”

“Elster and Landis+Gyr both understand the benefits of complete interoperability and the value it brings to the utility segment,” added Mark Munday, president of Elster Solutions. “We look forward to continuing to expand these types of innovative smart grid initiatives for the benefit of all our utility customers.”