Elster launches advanced grid infrastructure initiative


Raleigh, NC, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — January 15, 2008 – Elster Electricity, part of Elster Group, a provider of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and integrated metering and utilization solutions to the gas, electricity and water industries, has announced the launch of the advanced grid infrastructure (AGI) initiative. This is a collaborative effort between utilities, Elster and key technology partners to realize innovative AMI-based solutions for the grid of the future. 

AGI will provide the utility industry with a powerful set of hardware and software solutions in the critical area of network automation. This initiative will allow Elster and its partners to offer standards-based solutions that enable utilities to improve the operation of the electrical network by leveraging their AMI investment.

"As part of its commitment to the vision of a smarter power grid, Elster has joined EPRI’s IntelliGrid program," said David G. Hart, Elster Electricity senior vice president of product development and quality. "By partnering with technology providers who have a shared vision of a smarter grid, Elster will further expand the solutions offered by our EnergyAxis® AMI System. These new solutions will take AMI to the next level and enable utilities to realize additional benefits."

EPRI’s IntelliGrid program provides utilities with standards-based methodology, tools, recommendations and technologies for implementing advanced metering, distribution automation, and demand response and wide-area measurement systems. The program also provides utilities with independent, unbiased technology and vendor product testing.

The EnergyAxis System delivers advanced AMI solutions for the electricity, gas and water industries. Elster has the largest two-way mesh radio frequency AMI deployment in the world that is delivering complex billing information and performing disconnects and reconnects on a daily basis.