UK meter manufacturer Elster is supplying electric and water meters to two utilities in Mississippi, in the US.

Starkville Electric Department (SED) and Starkville Public Works (SPW) received approval for deployment of an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system in 2016 from city officials this week.

Combined, both SED and SPW will pay about US$3 million for new meters and the service for four years.

Public Works Director Doug Devlin said his organization will use its cash reserves to finance its portion, while SED general manager Terry Kemp says SED will utilize its own capital improvements stream.

After the four-year period, the contract will have yearly renewals and is expected to continue for at least a decade.

Meter supplier

Elster was selected as the best solution for upgrades in April after a 2013 process sought proposals from vendors.

Kemp said SED and SPW targeted Elster because the company fits the city’s needs, instead of the city adjusting its needs to fit what the company offers.

The city is expected to place an order for networking equipment and initial meters this month, according to a timeline provided by Kemp.

An initial deployment of the infrastructure is expected to begin this year, and city employees will begin training for the new system in 2015. The full deployment is expected in 2016.