Elster software suite smart grid data

Elster software suite smart grid dataIn the US, North Carolina-based energy management company Elster has launched a smart grid software called Connexo.

The aim of the software suite is to tackle utility problems such as escalating volumes, types and complexity of smart grid data.

Connexo works by integrating operational workflows, business processes and smart grid data from multiple devices and vendors into a one interoperable solution.

Cutting grid operation costs

The product also has built-in workflow automation and guided decision-making to reduce cost of utility operations.

Connexo supports more than 200 communication protocols, enabling collection and processing of data from different meter and sensor vendors within the smart grid ecosystem.

Commenting on the new product, Dimitri Degraeve, global head of product management software and services, said: “Connexo, built to simplify the utility journey, is an adaptive platform that reliably supports the transformation of a continuous inflow of data from an evolving grid into meaningful insights and business decisions.

“Our vision is to realize the tremendous promise of a single, unified multi-vendor, multi-network application suite. We believe that the resulting Connexo suite is truly game-changing and that it will redefine the criteria for effective grid applications.”