Embedded RFID reader control device


Comtrol Inc. and CapTech Ventures Inc. have teamed to provide point-of-activity RFID reader control, RFID event filtering and other advanced RFID functions by integrating the DeviceMaster® ATS and DeviceMaster® RTS with TagsWareME™. This device is designed to provide advanced RFID data handling features in close proximity to the RFID activity, eliminating large amounts of unnecessary data from the industrial control network.

The integration of RFID middleware with an embedded device server delivers a complete solution by enabling the filtering of ‘excess reads’. The DeviceMaster connected to the RFID reader leverages TagsWare’s data filtering and aggregation capabilities. Together they ‘smooth’ the data being sent over the network, eliminating redundance and reducing network load.

Comtrol’s DeviceMaster ATS is a solid-state, remotely manageable, fully programmable embedded microcomputer designed to host mission-critical applications without needing general purpose PC servers. The DeviceMaster RTS is a network attached, solid-state device server that delivers browser-based remote port/device monitoring and configuration, and provides an application software platform for local processing. TagsWareME provides features to expedite and simplify the integration of RFID readers into a production environment, simplifying the introduction of RFID solutions.

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