eMeter announces platform certification program


Redwood City, CA, U.S.A. — (METERING.COM) — October 5, 2007 – eMeter Corporation, a provider of advanced metering information system software to electric, gas, and water utilities, has introduced a platform certification program for its EnergyIP software. The program was initiated as part of the rigorous production environment scale testing with eMeter’s current production release of EnergyIP 5.0 and is a key step in providing eMeter’s EnergyIP customers with additional server and operating system flexibility.

"eMeter is dedicated to bringing the best performance and functionality to real-time management of mass market advanced meter data," said Cree Edwards, Chairman and CEO of eMeter. "Our rigorous scale testing and certification on a variety of platforms provides added confidence to utilities implementing AMI."

Following recent successful production scale testing using IBM System pSeries servers running the AIX operating system, IBM and eMeter separately benchmarked performance on IBM’s xSeries servers running the Linux operating system, with tests specifically designed to test full-scale critical business processes in a production environment. In both cases the benchmark tests showed EnergyIP software completing daily processing of over 5 million interval meters in under 3 hours.

"Our platform certification program is designed to ensure that EnergyIP continues to meet rigorous large-scale full production standards while offering utilities their choice of IT environments," said Larsh Johnson, CTO of eMeter. "eMeter is also working with IBM to certify the IBM DB2 database platform for use with EnergyIP, with general availability planned in 2008."

eMeter developed EnergyIP specifically to support the installation, operation, and management of AMI systems and the data they generate. eMeter’s software is built upon an open architecture, multi-vendor and communications technology neutral platform. Its Service Oriented Architecture ensures AMI project success by providing support for a wide range of AMI-based Intelligent Grid functions, ranging from AMI installation processes, to interval metering to home area networks (HANs).