eMeter announces Smart Start programme – provides scalable MDM and consumer engagement in 12 Weeks


California-based smart grid management software provider eMeter Corporation recently announced SmartStart?, a streamlined offering to get utilities’ meter-tocash and consumer engagement functions up and running in 12 weeks.

The SmartStart offering provides utilities with an affordable way to quickly validate their smart meter investment and realise enhanced operational efficiencies, customer responsiveness and consumer engagement.

“We were thrilled to see results so quickly,” said Rick Morgan, Commissioner of the Washington, DC Public Service Commission, who saw SmartStart deployed at the PowerCentsDC AMI pilot with Pepco. “eMeter’s ability to implement quickly allowed our utilities to deliver a compelling user experience that enables their customers to make informed decisions and changes in their consumption habits to reduce peak demand.”

eMeter offers SmartStart as a hosted or on-premise solution. It provides advanced meter-tocash features including real time data validation estimation and editing (VEE), time-of-use billing support, and real time synchronisation of AMI and utility information systems. Consumer engagement features offer consumers hourly energy usage and cost-todate via the web, which enables conservation and demand management, and enhances the relationship utilities have with their customers.

“Our mission is to provide the best platform to meet the needs of today’s utilities and lay the right foundation for future success,” said Cree Edwards, CEO of eMeter. “SmartStart is eMeter’s innovative leap forward to accelerate deployment in a cost effective and straightforward way, providing customers with complete system independence.”