eMotorWerks launches universal EV charging station adaptor


According to eMotorWerks, the adapter ‘JuicePlug’ will enable California’s pre-existing non-networked charging stations connectivity with EV drivers using smart devices.

The solutions provider says the launch of the device will allow every EV driver in California’s PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E service territories to participate in company’s smart grid-EV charging programmes including the JuicePoints rewards program.

eMotorWerks claims the adapter manages the time and rate of an EV charging in coordination with eMotorWerks’ cloud-based JuiceNet smart-grid charging platform, which controls distributed energy loads across the grid.

The device includes an Android mobile app which drivers can use to access ToU charging fees as well as their charging history and real-time data on the company’s dashboard.

eMotorWerks believes the development will also help the power industry better balance local and regional grids, future proof their operations for expanding renewable energy generation and the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

Commenting on the launch of the adapter, Valery Miftakhov, Founder of eMotorWerks said: “Bringing the benefits of WiFi connectivity and anytime-anywhere control, coupled with cash rewards for smart-grid charging is an unbeatable solution for our customers. JuicePlug is not only affordable, it actually pays drivers to charge”

EV charging infrastructure development

The launch of the JuicePlug follows participation of eMotorWerks in a number of initiatives aiming increasing the number of EV charging infrastructure for increased adoption of EVs in California.

In mid January, the company reported that it won demand-side contracts from California investor-owned utilities.

Under the contracts,  EMotorWerks will participate in the California Independent System Operator (CAISO)’s Demand Response Auction Mechanism (DRAM).

It will also provide precise EV charging load curtailment from its JuiceNet network of EV charging stations to the wholesale real-time energy markets.

The participation of EMotorWerks in CAISO also marked the first aggregated EV charging station offering within the real-time energy market.