eMotorwerks develops 70MWh virtual storage for CAISO


The California Independent System Operator (CAISO) and eMotorwerks have announced the operation of a 30MW/70MWH distributed virtual energy storage battery.

The virtual energy storage system has been developed since the start of 2017 to participate in CAISO’s demand response programmes.

The network comprises over 6,000 eMotorwerks residential JuiceBox and EV chargers.

The energy storage system is providing grid balance services and helping reduce wholesale energy costs and mitigate the intermittency of renewables

Motorworks’ JuiceNet cloud software platform is being used as the Battery Management System.

Integrating JuiceBox charging stations and the cloud JuiceNet software is allowing CAISO to analyze, model and optimise participation of the chargers in the firm’s energy retail and wholesale markets.

The integration also helps maximize the use of wind and solar energy.

Val Miftakhov, CEO of eMotorWerks, said: “It’s time for utilities around the country and the world to take advantage of these capabilities and help grow this virtual battery to support our shared electrification and decarbonization goals.”