Encouraging the use of new bill payment services


A report by research company Chartwell Inc. shows that an increasing number of utilities are using incentives such as give-aways to encourage customers to move to self-service and other bill payment options. The report, entitled Using Incentives to Move Customers to Self-Service Options; Internet and Bill Payment Methods, includes two case studies. One electricity utility has partnered with an online bill payment vendor for its incentive promotion, while another energy company is using its own give-away to move customers to its online bill notification service.

The report finds that utilities are leveraging the increasing use of automated phone systems and the Internet to reduce costs. The convenience factor of these self-service methods is enough to persuade some customers to use them; others need the encouragement of some kind of incentive before they switch.

A free table of contents and summary of the report can be downloaded at www.energylibrary.com