Energate’s demand response platform to be available across Ontario


Toronto, ON, Canada — (METERING.COM) — January 23, 2012 – Demand response and home energy management solution provider Energate has been contracted for deployment as part of Ontario’s enhanced demand response (RDR) program.

The program, which is available to all of Ontario’s electric utilities, is designed to reduce demand during periods of peak usage to minimize stress on the electric grid. Participating consumers will also benefit with energy saving tools and technology.

Energate’s load management software and its CORE™ middleware are now available to all aggregators and local distribution companies throughout Ontario providing utility load control integration with the company’s portfolio of consumer technologies. A comprehensive software agreement has been signed with Mississauga-based Rodan Energy Solutions, the province’s residential demand response operator and leading aggregator.

The late December agreements concluded an extensive process where Energate proved its flexibility to provide solutions for all types of utility and consumers with a province-wide solution. The Ontario approvals came after delivering a successful pilot of the Consumer-Connected Demand Response (CCDR™) platform, which includes in-home smart thermostats, load control switches and consumer information displays offering multiple communications options, along with comprehensive and versatile management software for both the utility and the consumer. The pilot enabled residents in Peterborough, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo and Cambridge to control their home energy utilization via the internet and securely access smart meter data. During the pilot, residents were able to reduce their electric utility bills by as much as 30 percent by utilizing simple control settings.

“We see Energate as a solutions partner to roll out advanced home energy management technology to Peterborough residents that choose to join, or upgrade themselves in the program,” said David Whitehouse, chief conservation officer for the Peterborough Utilities Group and member of the Ontario Residential Demand Response Working Group.

Energate’s approval encompasses use of its demand response software by the province’s aggregators and use of its in-home energy management hardware by Ontario utilities and consumers over multiple secure communications options. The communications options include one-way pager networks, advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) networks, and high capacity two-way broadband.

Energate expects that these Agreements could result in the first large scale, multi-utility deployment of RDR in North America leveraging the richness of broadband internet communications for the smart grid.

Energate’s CCDR platform also offers support for Ontario’s time-of-use (TOU) dynamic pricing program.