Tennessee city secures funding for energy conservation


The $26,403,78 funding will help the city reduce its utility bills. The city will use the money to ensure electricity consumption is reduced at its water treatment plant, hall and library.

The city will install energy efficiency HVAC systems and other appliances including LED lights, infrared wall switches and thermostats at the three sites.

The money will be used to install an energy management system to remotely monitor and manage daily energy usage and operation of HVAC system at the city hall.

In total, the installation of all the equipment will cost $55,319,06 and will be implemented within the next six months.

The project is expected to reduce energy consumption by 30% to 40% at the three sites. The city officials are confident to use the project to reduce annual power usage by 198kWh. The sites have consumed more than 2 million kWh in the past two years.

The project is expected to save $19,802 per year if the project is successfully implemented, reported a local publication. The projects located at the three sites combined are expected to return investments within three years after completion date.

[quote] The city is one of 13 government institutions to receive a share of $1 million TDEC funding to implement energy efficiency, clean energy and energy conservation programmes.

The TDEC grants falls under $26.4 million funding which the state secured from the government to fund clean energy projects since 2011.

Energy conservation in Tennessee

In early June, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) partnered with energy efficiency firm CLEAResult to help customers reduce consumption using a digital app.

CLEAResult deployed energy efficiency programmes powered by an online platform, eScore, for residential consumers across North America.

The app developed by the TVA, in partnership with the US based solutions provider and 154 local power companies, is said to provide homeowners with expert advice, incentives and multiple educational resources to help them to implement sustainable energy use. [Tennessee utility plans US$54m AMI rollout].

The solution analyses the consumption patterns of appliances within a home and provides the owner with tips on upgrading their equipments to make their homes less energy consuming.