ComEd’s energy efficiency savings total $2.1bn


In a press statement, the utility said its energy efficiency project has helped consumers to reduce their energy usage by over 19.5 million megawatts – enough to power more than 2.1 million homes for a year.

The project has resulted in ComEd avoiding 27.1 billion pounds of carbon emissions since 2008.

ComEd’s energy efficiency programme includes customers signing up for the utility’s Home Energy Assessment in which the energy company provides personalised recommendations on how they can better manage their energy usage and costs.

The programme allows consumers to earn cash rebates for replacing their old appliances with new energy efficient appliances certified in line with ComEd’s energy efficiency standards. Since the introduction of the project, customers of ComEd have installed energy efficiency appliances including LED lighting systems, HVAC systems, smart thermostats and fridges.

For instance, the La Rabida Children’s Hospital in Chicago last week secured a $73,294 incentive for participating in ComEd’s energy efficiency programme.

The hospital was recognised by ComEd for participating in two of the utility’s energy efficiency initiatives since 2013.

In one of the programme, the hospital installed a new HVAC energy management system which is expected to save more than 483,026 KW of energy per year.

Energy efficiency awareness

ComEd has also launched a new online shopping site that offers customers energy-saving products for their homes.

The site offers easy application of instant rebates that enable customers to save on energy-related products for their homes. Customers can also learn about and purchase energy-related products that save them time and money, such as LED lightbulbs, smart thermostats, water conservation devices, and more.

The Illinois-based utility views the launch of as a “major step forward in the creation of the ‘utility of the future’ – a new kind of utility that delivers not just energy, but serves as a platform to connect its customers with valuable products and services that can increase their comfort, convenience, and control.”

Anne Pramaggiore, president and CEO, ComEd, said: “The launch of ComEd Marketplace is a key step to building a premier, trusted customer experience.” Read more…