US county secures funding to enhance energy conservation programmes


Commenting on the development, Chris Roden, manager of power planning and business services at the PUD, said: “Thanks to the partnership with the weatherization board, we are going to provide warmer homes in the winter, cooler homes in the summer and a cost savings year round.”

The $1.6 million will be used by the PUD to introduce new energy efficiency programmes as well as supplement existing energy conservation projects under efforts to stabilise the utility’s grid network.

The energy efficiency grant will help the PUD to install some 700 ductless energy efficient heat pumps and other HVAC and lighting systems to help schools in the utility’s distribution territory to reduce their energy usage and costs.

Lewis County PUD will direct the grant towards improving existing energy efficiency initiatives for residential and small businesses customers. Roden said the grant will be used to install lighting control systems for residential consumers.

[quote] The money will also fund the utility’s free energy efficiency audits and the implementation of programmes to increase consumer awareness on energy conservation.

By deploying energy efficiency programmes, the Lewis County PUD aims to reduce its operational costs by not investing in new energy generation infrastructure. The programmes also help the Washington state-based utility firm to reduce its carbon footprint and improve its customer services by keeping its consumer energy bills low.

The $1.6 million TransAtlanta energy efficiency grant is part of $55 million budget allocated to the US, Canada and countries in Europe over ten years to ease the impacts as the region shifts away from coal. [The EU directs €30 million towards energy efficiency initiative].

Energy efficiency savings

Meanwhile, an energy efficiency programme deployed by the Hawaii Public Utilities Commission has helped consumers save $325 million in energy bills between July 2015 and June 2016.

The energy efficiency programme ‘Hawaii Energy’ offset the use of 150MW of energy during the 2015-2016 year and is being deployed by HPUC in partnership with Virginia-based Leidos Engineering LLC for consumers in Honolulu, Hawaii and Maui.

The energy efficiency savings achieved by the Hawaii Energy programme last year equates to the HPUC building a 90MW solar energy plant to meet power demand. Read more…


Image credit: Cleantech San Diego.