US city extends energy efficiency programme to residential customers


The utility’s energy efficiency initiative energyChamp is now available to residential customers in Burlington city in Vermont State.

The decision by the Burlington Electric Department to expand its energy efficiency programme to residential consumers, follows the utility’s success in helping owners of multi-unit residential apartments to significantly reduce their energy usage and costs in the first phase.

The utility introduced the energy efficiency initiative in June 2015.

Energy efficiency initiative and benefits

Since the launch of energyChamp, 163 residential apartments were registered to participate in the energy efficiency programme and 63 secured energy efficiency upgrades to save a total of $647,000 in the utility’s energy bills.

Under the programme, Vermont Gas Systems provides energy audits and efficiency incentives for energy customers of Burlington city to use in installing energy efficient appliances including HVAC and lighting systems.

The programme aims to ensure the city’s utility department achieves a reliable grid network and reduce carbon emissions by avoiding the use of fossil fuels in generating energy to meet demand.

Under the second phase of the programme, residential customers of Burlington will be shortlisted to participate in the initiative by responding to some survey questions placed on the utility’s website.

Participants of the energy management project will use the programme’s newly launched website to access their energy usage in real-time as well as compare their energy consumption levels with other Burlington residents.

The new website will provide participating customers with tips on how they can improve their energy efficiency.

Customers who will use the least energy will receive the energy company’s rebates.

To enhance customer engagement and participation into the new programme, the Burlington Electric Department will shortlist the programme’s first 500 customers into a draw to win $15,000 home energy makeover. [Massachusetts bankrolls energy efficiency programme].

Neale Lunderville, General Manager of Burlington Electric, said the launch of the new energy efficiency initiative and website falls under efforts by the utility to improve services to its 20,000 customers through the use innovative smart grid technologies.