US utility expands energy conservation programme for small businesses


In a press statement, the energy distributor said its energy efficiency initiative ‘Small Business Energy Solutions’ is available to SCE&G’s small business and small nonprofit customers with five or fewer SCE&G electric accounts and an annual energy use of 350,000 kWh or less.

Rollout of energy efficiency initiative

According to a release, the programme’s financial incentives covering 80% of most lighting and refrigeration retrofit projects have also been raised from a cap of $4,000 to $6,000.

Previously, the utility provided rebates for energy efficient installations under the Small Business Energy Solutions to business consumers with an average annual energy usage of 250,000KWh.

The move falls under efforts by SCE&G to increase customer participation in the Small Business Energy Solutions programme and help more small business consumers reduce their energy usage and costs.

Since the launch of the programme in 2014, SCE&G provides its business customers with free onsite energy audits and energy efficiency recommendations to reduce expenses associated with lighting and refrigeration systems.

In addition to the Small Business Solutions programme, SCE&G offers incentives for energy efficient equipment installations to its commercial, industrial, institutional and government customers through the EnergyWise for Your Business programme.

By deploying energy efficiency initiatives, SCG&E aims to sustain its grid reliability and improve its customer services to its 709,000 electric customers and 358,000 gas consumers in Carolina. [Energy efficiency measures help Con Edison save 160,200 MWh in 2016].

Carolina grid networks

In related news the city of New Bern in Carolina partnered with advanced distribution management systems provider Survalent to enhance management of its grid network.

In a press statement issued in the last quarter of 2016, the Canada-based smart grid solutions firm said it deployed its Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system in the city’s power system.

The SCADA system is expected to help New Bern’s power department improve its customer service through real-time monitoring and control of its power distribution network.

In addition to the SCADA technology, the city also implemented Survalent’s demand response application to help its customers reduce power usage and costs during peak periods.

Mark Trail, of the City of New Bern, commented: “The new SCADA System gives the City of New Bern greater flexibility, enhanced reporting, and faster response time in dealing with outages.”Steve Strauss, regional vice president at Survalent, added that the SCADA system “… enhances the City’s ability to provide its residential and commercial customers with dependable power and improved service, at affordable rates.”


Image credit: Shutterstock